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The points of interest of the Industrial Heritage of the Province of Teruel are developed in three routes of 3, 5 and 7 days. The 3-day route, located in the County of Maestrazgo, includes an active factory (Puig Handcrafted Textiles) and another factory that is closed (Las Truchas Hotel-Las Fábricas), a museum (Esparto Grass Visitor’s Center) and a country house ("El Obrador"). The second 5-day route begins in the County of Matarraña ("Lo Masmut” Museum) passing through the Counties of Bajo Aragón (Country House "El Gaiter"), Bajo Martin (Folk Museum), Cuencas Mineras ("San Isidro" Caves) and ends in the County of Jiloca, where we can find "El Trasiego" Museum. The last of the routes developed in the Province of Teruel, 7 days, runs through the Counties of Albarracín, Teruel and Gudar-Javalambre. In this route we will discover for example the red plaster factory, two old fabric factories (Hotel "Caseron de la Fuente" and "El Batan"), a potter's workshop (Fernando Torrent), a Life + project (Las Arcillas), some pottery, a wine cave (“Jesús Romero” Cave) or the Provincial Museum.