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The routes are prepared in Hungary are contain the most relevant POIs (point of interest) not just in the Transdanubian Region but in the whole country as well. The routes were build based on the geographical locations of the POIs. The 3 days route focuses on to Middle Hungary, from Dunaújváros to Kiskunhalas and the visitors could meet with the local weaving traditions in the appointed museums and exhibitions. The route is a bit longer than 100 km, but it takes 3 days in order to visit all of the interested points in the surroundings. The 5 days route contains POIs from the Central Transdanubian Region and it is 150 km long from Pápa to Csákvár. This route contains POIs regarding blue dying, porcelain production, beer making and local craftsmen exhibitions. The visitors could spend a few days at the famous Lake Balaton or hiking in the Bakony or Vértes Mountain as well. The 7 days route starts in Pécs which was one of the European Culture Capital in 2010 and finishes in Panyola, East Hungary. The visitors have the opportunity to know more about the unique technics of Zsolnay, then travel to Tolna to check the blue dying workshop, Budapest is the most popular and visited area of Hungary and there is the Goldberger Textile Exhibition, the last few points in the eastern part of the country show the labeled brick collections, Eastern Hungarian weaving technics and traditions and the typical Hungarian spirit, the „pálinka” distillation method.